Lamb Rogan Josh

I feel like I’m just emerging from a winter creativity freeze. For the last couple of months my creativity has been in a real torpor. My mojo absent.

I’ve been toying with the notion of trying to illustrate recipes – using as little text as possible. Not so that it would be filled with iconography, but rather sketches of ingredients and/or preparation methods.

Okay this first curry is from Kashmir. I’m not a huge fan of the spicier and dryer curries of India and Pakistan. There’s a sweetness from the ginger and the tomatoes and the pepper that I love in this dish.

I just need to tinker with this drawing a little (and the Thai Prawn Curry) just to make it clearer what order the recipe needs to be followed in. Both require a curry paste to be made, which needs to be seperate from the throwing-stuff-in-the-pan part. I think I’ll go with numbers and arrows this time. Although someone did suggest a dotted through-line.

One Comment on “Lamb Rogan Josh”

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