Lindley Bookshop

Lindley Bookshop, originally uploaded by crispy_duck.

22 May 2010 – The weather was so lovely today that I just had to draw outside – in comfort!
One of the pleasures (from a drawing point of view) of living in the North of England is the number of old, stone buildings – some of which have intricate carvings and facia.
I thought I’d re-start my building drawings with some straightforward ones before I start work on the more complicated architecture.

One Comment on “Lindley Bookshop”

  1. Marisa says:

    Excellent painting/sketch Matthew. I love your style. There is an innocence and childlike quality about your work, somehow. I think it lends itself very well to illustrations for children’s books. Maybe it’s something you could pursue in the future? Maybe when you’ve retired 🙂 Marisa (Hipperholme Art Society)


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