“The Creative License” by Danny Gregory


When I first read through this it was another revelation.

I had always labored under the assumption that drawingss or sketches had to be of something ‘painterly’; a pretty castle or a cottage on a hill. But here Danny Gregory advocates just drawing; anything. Anything and everything around you.

I suddenly realised that I was not going to improve as an artist by drawing only ‘proper’ subjects. I would have to practice, practice, practice and draw much more often.

Through delightful sketches and endearing anecdotes Danny introduces an ocean of ideas and inspiration;

Chapters discuss

  1. Kickstarting your creativity and learning to see – What basic materials do you need and how can use draw with them
  2. Making creativity into a habit – Finding out when you can draw
  1. Blasting your butt out of a rut – Doing things differently
  2. Re-connecting with reality – Seeing the world around you and living in the moment
  3. Winning the fight to go on – Fighting against external pressures
  4. From enemy to ally – Fighting against the inevitable negative thoughts; about mistakes and worries
  5. Who you are and why that’s fine – Finding your greater identity through your art
  6. Broadening your creativity – Finding art in other places and sharing your art with others
  7. Creativity in the real world – Where Danny introduces us to some artists who journal regularly

Creative License 1


Creative License 2

This isn’t a ‘How to..’ instructional manual that will guide you to draw a perfect tree, but it will help you experiment and discover how you draw a tree. Danny’s book is more a state of mind, an attitude towards drawing and journalling more than anything and for that reason I would recommend this book to anyone with even the slightest interest in either drawing or journaling. Well, to be frank (Hello, I’m Frank), I’d recommend this book to any creative type; they’re sure to find more than enough of interest to them.


199 pages

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