Pork Pie with Stilton

Bought from my local, friendly farm shop.

Sometimes it’s nice to have the simple things in life; the simplicity of a pork pie, on it’s own. Delicious


Actually, sketching this out reminded me that I’ve got a pork pie tin somewhere in the kitchen – I went on a pork pie making course a couple of years ago (incredibly easy to do) but I’ve never delved into having a go at following the course at home. 


So … how’ve you been?

Okay, okay … I know it’s been a while. In fact, it’s been a long, long while.

But not without reason, unfortunately.

About mid-November, last year, I noticed that I was having to take off my glasses to read. I went for an eye test and the optician suggested that a new pair of glasses wasn’t really necessary and that taking off my glasses to read would suffice.

The trouble with this diagnosis was that I’d noticed I was finding it difficult to sketch in my sketchbook too.

So, I went back to the opticians in mid-December.

It’s taken until now to find something suitable that seems to fit the bill.

My problem, of course, has been one of finding it difficult to see close enough to sketch.

A Little Back Story: I’ve worn glasses since I was about 11. Needing them for both near and far.

But my eyesight has got to the point where seeing things near with the same pair of glasses is no longer an option.

It’s taken many, many, many visits to the opticians to figure out what I needed; especially after a lot of misunderstanding from them about what I wanted. Initially they were supplying me with glasses I could wear day-to-day (some variation-focal lenses) but these were impossible to sketch close-to with.

The glasses that I finally picked up yesterday have stronger, mid-range lenses (so, no good for seeing distance with) But fine for sketching with (at long last)

This has been a truly, truly upsetting journey at times – but I feel I’m finally getting somewhere.

Christmas Cards A-Go-Go

So, with a distinctly sprouty feel – I present my Christmas cards – all shiny and new and ready for boiling for 5-10 minutes.

Seven sprout-laden cards for your Christmas dinner delight.

Check them out at my Etsy site.


Christmas Card Designs 2016

Well, that’s my Christmas Cards designed for this year.

dJust need to get them sent off to be printed.



I’ve gone for a sprout theme

Recipe card for Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

Recipe - Chicken and sweet potato curry - plus stepsI’ve written about this recipe before; a Vietnamese Chicken and Sweet potato curry.

The last time I illustrated it, it was in the dimensions for They Draw And Cook, for which I had to adhere to specific dimensions;  except I worked on the dimensions in portrait, rather than landscape.

I liked the way that the ingredients are all tumbling into the cooking pan at the bottom.

I’ve recently re-illustrated it as a giveaway recipe card to include with orders from my Etsy shop.

It’s a super little recipe for a fragrant, tasty curry, low on heat, despite the inclusion of chilli.




My illustration this time around was centred around the recipe being in a two-fold booklet from an A4 sheet.

As I neared completion I realised that the illustrations I had done for the cover made it look a little like a take away menu, so I added in my business card details as if they we contact details for ordering.


I’m afraid that I still unable to offer a food delivery service at this time.




A week of meals

Holiday meals sm

Last year I had a fun time drawing my food for a week –  over a double A4 spread.

So, I’m about to embark on it again – I’ll try to keep you a bit more up to date on this wacky drawing.


Ooh! My notebook arrived!

img_5544A couple of weeks ago I brought you up to speed with a little project I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks.
A bit of a crazy notebook thing ..

It all looks pretty normal on the outside.

I’ve enjoyed planning out one or two projects using notebooks and thought it would be quite fun to try to design a notebook that I can use to project plan.

Now, I prefer to use A5 notebooks that I can carry around in my bag and I also prefer to have all the pages numbered, so that I can refer to a specific page for a specific element of the project. So, I knew I wanted at least those elements present.


img_5539img_5540But my approach has been a little topsy-turvy; rather than simply designing a notebook cover and then selecting a style of line for the interior pages, I instead opted for a fish-mash of different paper styles for the interior pages.

So each left-hand page is roughly blank, or at least doesn’t really have lined paper, and the right-hand pages have a selection of different lined papers. But the whole thing is presented as if you’ve already collected this diverse range of different papers and stuffed them into a notebook.

So, every page is a different selection of hand-drawn papers for you to collect your thoughts on.


All the pages are numbered (3-66)

The first page is set out so you can use it as a contents page, if you so wish.

It comes with three stickers – so that you can label the front cover

It’s like some crazy scrapbook of a notebook – that seems to encourage sticking in of found articles and scrapes of additional paper.

Available on my Etsy site