Brighouse – Commercial Street (west)

A bit of a change of pace today (I’ll fill you in properly tomorrow – but it’s certainly exciting news :)

A couple of years ago I had a little exhibition in the local town. Most of my drawings were urban sketches of pubs and inns.

But, stumbling across a massive (240mm x 680mm!) watercolour pad whilst on holiday set me off producing a series of four ‘widescreen’ views of some main streets around Brighouse, Yorkshire.

Brighouse1 smInitially I was going to shade and colour these. But as i fill in the horizontal lines I began to fall in love with the wire frame effect of the buildings and street lights.

Self portrait in purple

Sat in the car sketching myself whilst Caro drives us over to a friend’s house for a party.

Self-Portrait in purple smAfter I’d coloured in my skin so dazzlingly orange, Caro suggested that I do my beard in an equally bright hue.

Choosing purple was a bit of a mistake; I nearly look like an escaped umpa-lumpa (from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!)

Caro urged me to colour my eyes green, which seemed even more umps-lumpa-ish.

Sometimes it’s cool to follow the suggestions of others and then, when they think you’re going to follow every whim, switch track and go back to doing your own thing.


Harvey Nichols – Afternoon tea

Having a very civilised afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols in Leeds.


Harvey Nichols - afternoon tea smA trio of sandwiches

  • Cheese and apricot chutney
  • Salmon
  • Ham and mustard

A trio of little cakes

  • Lemon macaroon
  • Raspberry madeira cake
  • White chocolate profiterole.

A scone with raspberry jam and clotted cream

A cup of tea.

I’m always taken aback by afternoon tea, though. For some reason I almost always expect slightly more sandwiches



The Bivouac – Breakfast

They do say that we should ‘Eat breakfast like a king’.

I don’t think means that breakfast should be taken in full ermine-lined cloak with a crown. Nor do I think it means that breakfast should be eaten whilst on the throne.

The Bivouac - Breakfast smA full, protein-rich breakfast can set you up for the rest of the day.

And when it’s taken in such lovely surroundings as these – it’s such a lovely, luxurious treat.

Throw in a bunch of good friends –  and life couldn’t be better.

Premier Inn – Breakfast

As Lucy has grown up we’ve always made a point of visiting London on a fairly regular basis; at least three times a year.

Premiere inn - breakfast 2 smUsually it’s been a pretty good excuse to go to the theatre (Lucy and Caro are pretty much the Musical nuts of the family. Me? I much prefer older, more traditional musicals, rather the modern slew)

I feel I’ve got to the point, now, where I don’t really feel a tourist when I’m wandering around. I know my routes to get from The Tate Modern to the lovely art shop behind The British Museum.

This weekend’s visit I was determined to get to know the Seven Dials area a bit better. I only failed in the sense that I got to know one of the pubs a bit better. Ah, well. I’ll have to try again another time, I guess.

The Bivouac – Venison burger

This was our first meal at The Bivouac. We’d travelled up, on the Friday evening, after work, . Collecting Lucy from school en route.

It only took us an hour or two to get there, which was cool.

The Bivouac - Venison burger 1 smOnce we’d been shown wooden shack and unpacked, we trooped down to the on-site cafe, which was lovely.

Everything well-thought out and beautifully presented.

And I’m not just talking about our meal – the cafe was on two levels, with the lower one acting as a family room with a slew of things to entertain toddlers and above. Lucy particularly enjoyed the sticker books.

The Cooking School Cafe – Club Sandwich

Cooks school - club sandwich sm

The Cooking School at Dean Clough , in Halifax, is a wonderful place; it trains chefs in the cookery school and gives them practical experience in different roles within the attached cafe.

The cookery school is also a school for leisure cooks and offers a year long range of cooking courses on a wide range of themes.

It also runs junior cookery events too; which is where I’ve dropped Lucy off to.

This club sandwich was erred warm; although it cooled somewhat by the time I got to it! I’ll pop in again and have it warm, sometime.



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